Dec 10, 2010


 This is personal. Some pictures of my apartment. I will let the pictures do the talking.

The Club.
This is where we should be doing our gyming and grooming...Yeah  WE  SHOULD BE...From Tomorrow..

This is what we call...Pool Facing Apartments..!!  Im still  trying  to get adjusted to the idea that when i go for that accasional swim...middle aged married guys eyeing  from a distance  and their wives  Judging and Ruing.!!
The architect who Approved This Must Be a Guy..with some Wit..!
AND NO WE DONTLIVE IN ONE OF THOSE BLOCKS :)  (It is too cluttered for my Taste and Im a lil more sensible..than intelligent..!!)

Clean Landscape Design.
The best part of our Apartment and actually it was the selling point along with "the location" according to me.
Some time during ,Sitting on one of the benches in the nook looking at the fountains and letting the evening dawn on me..i fell in love with this place..!! :)

In another News I WON A DKNY  HANDBAG ON AN ONLINE SHOPPING SITE . (Yay..! celebrations!)
And here is the picture
By the way this is in our living the couch and the curtains..thats all  for now.

Staying intense,

Dec 3, 2010


Bed Rooms in India, where i live...are more or less devoid of the romance element. Reasons could be many but the main hindrance is the MYTH :  Such Bedrooms are both impractical and heavy on your pocket. So let your imagination fly high and wild..every wish of yours shall be realised.

1.Four posted bed is Back!!

Look at these better words would justify the effect of a simple four post bed has on the mood of bedroom decor. Its traditional chic interpreted in a minimalistic way.

2. Table/Bedside lamps.

lets just stop drooling by saying " bed lamps are the jewelry of your bedroom."

3. Headboard/ Wall paper

In this section its a tight rope walk to use romantic patterns,soft linen and at the same time not making your guy feel like he is in his girlfriends room..:)! so the rule is to use them but in moderation.
Wall paper - one feature wall .  Pattern - subtle.   Head board - Stick to nudes,plums and hard colours.

You can very well use your creativity when You are at it.As seen in the second pic..adding a headboard is always easy, cheap and can be done in many ways. :)

4. Bed Linen.

     Bed linen is where you can splurge.. because you are under these sheets atleast 8 hrs everyday. Go for cottons,satins and rich comforting silks..In India we dont lack any fabric choices finest of the fine fabrics are created here..!!
      Here I want to stress the importance of a nice comforter/duvet/quilt ,many of us are oblivious to the fact tht all comforters will not make u warm or hot in summers.. there are comforters for both summers and winters..just different choice of materials. So as a rule stop using Bed spreads as makeshift blankets.!

                                         Staying Intense,