May 17, 2011

The "GOOD LIFE !! "

We went on a day trip around Bangalore (where i stay) last was fun ...simple fun , like good old days.!

Get up Early- Find ourselves in the car -Pick up friends Enroute- Pass through villages and feel all nostalgic, retelling all our childhood stories-Sleep ourselves to the first stop ( here: Somanathpura) must say ..poor "driver"(sid) ..thats why i love him though!! :) - Stop for lunch at a  palace(you thinkin..simple?!yeah!..a simple palace!:) - Chill out at the palace by the pool and seriously consider chucking the rest of the tour and chilling!!- But Sanity prevails and we head to the next stop (mysore place) -our friend from mauritius gets to experience First hand "the Indian population & their style of doing business" ! ;) - we start back  - traffic chaos - tired - stop for light dinner-drop friends off- get home and hit the sack straight ! What a Day!

I must say i m starting to hate  Going to a mall -shopping for things you absolutely donot need-eating in a food court - and heading to movies...kind of  weekend fun. Im even starting to hate people who consider this "fun". Eating in a food court is tasteless and shopping in a mall every other day stopped making anymore sense :(. Am i experiencing social withdrawal symptoms !?! Anyways Have a Look at our trip in snapshots!

 Somanathpura temple,  the indian tourist crowd still didnt get a hang of it yet..breathtaking architecture and very well conserved for a 1300AD built temple tht was looted and attacked more than once :)

 Sid actually thought that idol is depicting vishnu sleeping...;) when we said its meditating..he is like.."yeah the same i do..i too never sleep i either think closing my eyes or i meditate..!" Liar! By the way "idol potraying vishnu in meditation is a rarity and can be seen here and one more place in the north.

                             Nitish, our friend and gud fun to be with :)!

There is a lil story behind these pics:)..On our way to the temple we past through this "comuntiy hall under the trees..kinda concrete benches around a huge tree where men sat and tlked abt all the things under the sun and discussed the newspapers" We talked , how these men mastered the art of doing nothing and leading happy simple lives! so we wanted to recreate it ..only with a modern twist..women, quite fashionable at it...sitting beautifully  and discussing current pressing issues like " the last shopping bill or previous months credit card statement" :)! We had fun and we were giggling all the time. The girl in the green tshirt, my partner in crime Sushma:)

 The Lalitha Mahal Palace,built in 1920s now turned into a hotel. Hence we had lunch there. Old truly is worth its salt in Gold.:)
 Coming down this royal staircase you cant help but feel like a princess yourself..the perfect example of effect of architecture and space on a person living in there!:) Love my job even More. Respects.

These circular day beds in the entrance lobby reminded me of the 70's and also mughal style...and i started wondering did one trigger the other..anyways.. i secretly wished"if only it cud start revolving now" :) A girl has her right to be Dont You dare judge me :)!

  These pictures aren't actually doing justice to the place it is even more royal in much that it made me realise the potential of stained glass in mood lighting . More on that later :)!
We also had live music playing ..That elderly man was really a master of his art and was very simple too..:)

And so the good times followed :)

Then We headed to next destination..In the mysore palace cameras weren't allowed and it was pretty crowded :(.So Have to end the post here.

Do tell me what do think about our trip? and contact me if u want any more information on somanath temple.I would be happy to help. And about hating mall culture ..whats your say?!

Staying Intense