Mar 16, 2011

A Bedroom requires a Bed. Everything else is Extravagance.

These are our humble three Bedrooms that i decorated (tried to) with all the different styles i appreciate.

Classic [Easy Breezy Beautiful :)] 

Classic [Easy Breezy Beautiful :)]

This is the master Bedroom with a white Box Bed. More or less everything is done in blue and white colour scheme.I do have tiny regrets about the final output..but i still lovee waking up with warm light on my face

For all the sons of guns :

This ,well as you can see..instrumentaly done in red color( with a sofa cum bed) was done for a friend of ours who used to stay with us and he was a huge fan of club liverpool (Red club). So i guess you get the drift :)!

   For all the beautiful things in the world:

This is our actual modest Guest Bedroom , and is done in purple to satiate my "girlish" love for purple and all things girly girl...:)

So what do you ppl think? which one is your favourite? Do let me know which is your style and why ..:)?!!

Staying Intense,

Mar 15, 2011

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and then like it too.!

Summer is already here..and i started collecting cottons and light chiffons. flats and strappy numbers in shoes :) (I confess im a sucker for all things beautiful !) And also started scouting for "in vogue" trends that i wud feel comfy and are affordable(mostly!) and there it was.."zara "spring lookbook. Here are the links

And My favourites are..
all images via
Your rules, if you choose to accept them: color block, crop, anchor with black, throw in a dash of white, simplify your silhouette and go.

I'm ready to play this fashion game, are you?!

Mar 10, 2011

Half the fun of the travel is the Aesthetic of lostness.! (Personal)

Pic by Divya Reddy.k
Pic by Divya Reddy.k
Web of Ice, 2degree centigrade

Pic by Divya Reddy.K

Pic by Divya Reddy.k
Nothing feels better than being seated next to a fire place.(in that climate) Nothing
P.S.:Dropping in a small design tip, As you see, the fireplace wall alone is coated in bright contrast(red)to beige walls, This explains one simple and elegant way of colouring walls in "pop" bright colours to add warmth to the room. Also the pointed to be noted., people back then had better brains than we assume.. :)!! ( this building was built in 40's)
Pic by Divya Reddy.k
The 'plucking tea leaves' process :)

Pic by Divya Reddy.k
The closest I could get to 'walking on the clouds' !!

Pic by Divya Reddy.k

Pic by Divya Reddy.k

These are just few pictures from our last trip. Meghamalai, a coffee-plantation hillstation in nilgiris is just a piece of heaven on earth :)..." Unexplored and innocent beauty "could sump up this place !

Staying Intense,

Mar 8, 2011

I Think I've Got a Critical Case of Pergola Obsession ;)!

Doing up your Garden? Well Then Make Space for this awesome Structure. Awnings are okay to provide shade but pergolas add visual dynamics with (intrinsic/simple) lattice roofs. With the advantage established,Lets jump right in to the details !

For Minimalistic Souls like Moi' :) :-
First Decide on what Material you prefer (or your budget permits!) primarily Wood or Metal.
(usually metal ones are cheaper but..looks nothing like wood :) Good things don't come cheap! )

This is a Model made for an interior exhibition.

And This is how it looks in a garden (more or less). Beautiful ain't it?

  In Metals,Aluminium and Wrought iron are great options.Aluminium gives a chic/ultra modern look whereas Wrought iron gives more of a warm/rustic feel.

Steel in Matt Finish 

Aluminium with Roller blind kinda Retractable Fabric Cover
(This is what my dreams are made of ,these days! True Love)

Wrough Iron Pergola
Please dont get distracted by the gate details.

Just a sketch to elucidate :)

  For 'Detail/Ornamentation' Lovers:
  Endless Ideas/options for you people..:) Dig Right in..!!!

 Wood :
    Versatile in the Form. These kind of innovative pergolas are worth every penny spent.Love.Love.Love

                          These are the definitions for intricate lattice Roofs. Extravagance and Luxury redefined! :)
 Intricate metal pergolas are more of an art than any other pergolas i feel...they are fluid ..moving and claim no boundaries. ART HEART ART :)
                                          Just Look At This. Design and Art in Perfect Harmony

   You Agree Now, Don't You?

  Staying Intense.