Mar 16, 2011

A Bedroom requires a Bed. Everything else is Extravagance.

These are our humble three Bedrooms that i decorated (tried to) with all the different styles i appreciate.

Classic [Easy Breezy Beautiful :)] 

Classic [Easy Breezy Beautiful :)]

This is the master Bedroom with a white Box Bed. More or less everything is done in blue and white colour scheme.I do have tiny regrets about the final output..but i still lovee waking up with warm light on my face

For all the sons of guns :

This ,well as you can see..instrumentaly done in red color( with a sofa cum bed) was done for a friend of ours who used to stay with us and he was a huge fan of club liverpool (Red club). So i guess you get the drift :)!

   For all the beautiful things in the world:

This is our actual modest Guest Bedroom , and is done in purple to satiate my "girlish" love for purple and all things girly girl...:)

So what do you ppl think? which one is your favourite? Do let me know which is your style and why ..:)?!!

Staying Intense,


sartorial diary said...

love the second room!
also loving the wallpaper in the first and third rooms!

divya reddy said...

:) thank u

Anonymous said...

the first is definitely my favorite, though i love the warmth the second one exudes.. also, i really like the way the comforters on each bed are all crumbled up while clicking.. makes it look more lived in.. more homey :) :) good work!

divya reddy said...

thanks a ton sweet heart!!...i must say we are in perfect resonance..:)