Sep 6, 2011

Dear Kitchen, I wonder if you think of me half as much as I think about U!

I love to cook..and i know what beautiful & well equipped kitchens can do to makes them feel accomplished and content and it shows in the food. For me Kitchen is as important as living room if not more[in a home] .It is really sad that our country hasn't warmed up to this idea yet completely. For most of our middle class apartments,kitchen is a 8'X10' space that is crammed by all 4 side walls and cluttered by utensil overdose.Those modern open-kitchens in trend these days r done to death with zero stress on functionality/space management/customization/Personal touch,they speak nothing abt the Homemaker. Lifeless. 

It warms my heart to see a small kitchen that sparkles with both efficiency and style. i always feel welcome:) So I decided to do my bit , by explaining things i know would help you to recreate your kitchen-vision [for every budget] 

To create the small and efficient kitchen design, you need to work on three major areas:
1. Storage
2. Lighting
3. Appliances

So i request you to give a keen look into the below images:) I promise you it will be a treat to your eyes:)!

Get you Top-shelves lowered..and to make the space visibly your carefully collected and immensely loved china in them by either keeping them open or choosing clear shutters.
Personalizing it with black/scribble boards will add that touch of you yo the kitchen:)

Who doesn't Love color? Pay tributes to your favorite color that cheers you up instantly.. by bringing it into the that , every morning will be a cheerful one..! :) One more important technique to notice to do your shelving in the colour of the its vanishes in to the wall creating an illusion of more space:)

Make the windows Big [out-of-proportion-big] , It does two things one Brings in more day light and fresh air and two, Big windows make any space look bigger...Period.

Remember context/tasteand cost when deciding on wht materials to use.. all kitchens need not look modern and minimalistic to be functional. Cozy and native [materials] can also spell FUNCTIONALITYAND CHIC  pretty Perfectly. What say?!

This is just a suggestion if Your kitchen space is liner ..galley types kitchens [shown above] are the best possible option for maximum utility i think , like cherry on top of the cake..just make your windows too horizontally linear.  Just dont be afraid Play it [linearity] up.

Create an Eating Nook. It cud be an extension of the kitchen-counter or a modest table like above. In my experience this is the best thing you can do to your bringing activity[eating/coffee] into the Kitchen You are making it a family space rather than a "cooking space". Trust me and You will thank me later..just to let you know i accept gratitude in every form, new shoes/clothes/cheques anything! so feel free to thank me:) ! Just kidding or may be not!

P.S: The easiest way to cheat your way into more space instantly..use lighter[on the eye] furniture.

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