Apr 13, 2011

A man has every season while a woman only has the right to SPRING!

I know I have been M.I.A [missing in action] for almost a month...well lets just say ..i have been busy...and thts not an excuse.From now on..i will try to make up with atleast one post a day !

Coming to the post...Its spring or Pre-summer in Bangalore..Breezy Mornings, Sunny Afternoons and cool nights..! :).So i decided to do a post on "Bringing spring indoors"[spring/summer interior decorations].

You may feel changing up decor every 3 months isn't feasible,and moreover why should you do it? -let me clear things up here..

When the seasons change, bringing the outside environment inside makes the indoor outdoor contrast a bit cohesive and more importantly adds character to your space. ex: its bright and sunny outside and its the same old-sparsely lit inside.Solution: Window treatment..so that light is brought in but not the heat or noise.!I hope u got the point..still not clear..Then I Suggest you READ THIS POST CAREFULLY,and may be several times!!:) kidding!
Let me tell you..we r not talking abt changing the complete decor..just TWEAKING it...if thts the right word!

Different Ways of "Tweaking" -Spring Decor:


A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds  are singing, and the lawn mower is broken."-all this can be seen/felt only through windows...see how important windows are!!


 The long red valances are hung with grommets and simple hooks, making them easy to remove and clean-or swap out when your tire of the color. The cool shutters, which feature bold blue frames and metal inserts, provide some privacy but also allow plenty of sunlight.

Select Versatile colourful Shades - Window shades are all about function. Tie them up to let in sunlight or let them down for privacy. But just because shades are practical doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be lovely to look at. These pretty pink-and-yellow tie-up shades perfectly complement the other fabrics and weathered furnishings in the space. 
Point to note: Mounting the shades inside the window frame shows off the wide crisp white moldings.
 Layer Treatments for Function : Combining window treatments[in this case roll-up bamboo shades and floor-length panels.] Open the shades and panels for maximum sunlight or close them for complete light blockage and privacy. 
Point to note: Mounting the rod high on the wall makes this room appear taller and grander

Are Plantation Shutters Better than Curtains, Blinds and other Window Treatments?

Plantation shutters – also known as wooden window shuttersLouvre shutters or colonial shutters – admit light and air whilst providing complete privacy as well as additional security. When closed, plantation shutters help minimise the heat in a room, but still allow cooling air to move freely


Plantation shutters  are, without doubt,  the crème-de-le-crème of the shutter world. They always look stylish and allow a greater flexibility and control of light than ordinary curtains, window blinds or other wooden window treatments.The Problem here is they are pretty darn expensive. But i still think they r worth it..if u cud remotely afford it :)!

Well as post is getting too long, "More Ways to bring Spring Indoors -to be continued!"

Staying Intense,

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