Jun 13, 2013

Alive Again.

May be it took the coolest thing ever to push me back to life here on this blog. So, lets get to it , i m pretty sure its more interesting than my lousy plans-which we will come to,later!

 The Premise:

So, recently i went visit a prospective client's under-construction flat in a premium condo-apartment complex.Everything rhetorical aside, they was this 8'by 5' approx hanging balcony attached to their master bedroom.  Standing there the views, the wind and the light everything was spectacular, Only the architect wanted it be cut off from bed room just as an "ante" space  because bringing it in to the bedroom will mess with elevation symmetry or because he just didn't care enough.

The Problem:

 The real problem however is that, my client is also bound by contract to not mess with the elevation. I was bummed. I knew i had to get rid of those sliding doors that separate the bedroom from the so called "balcony". i wanted that bedroom to be 'seamless,inclusive and unique' . "Glass" is the only way out but the french windows or sliding doors seamed rigid , and crushing my idea of light breezy nd beautiful space so i kept looking, there should be some way out and Viola...!

The Super Solution :

Klein Extendo

Klein Extendo

A bit about this amazing Product: 
These space saving, acoustically-sound doors have no floor tracks (hence,the floor space is left untouched nd dynamic)and the upper tracks can be recessed as well. Glass panel thickness is 3/8 in or ½ in. With a silver-anodized aluminum profile and a ball bearing system for soft, quiet openings, the doors are ideal for makeshift private places and they are not obstructive both visually and spatially. what more can you ask for??! 

For the Minimalist in me, this sliding system is an idea-mine. Imagine the possibilities it opens up!! 

Coming to the Lousy Plans thing, I m very hesitantly throwing myself a challenge to do minimum of 30 posts in 30 Days,(i know it sounds easy and done to death but I never could do it and i would be pretty pleased with myself if i can go through with it !!) In all honesty, i think blogging makes me design better and feel better and i want to quit being a quitter (get it?!) :). Now, that aside let me think about my next post (yogi pose ) :/

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