Jun 15, 2013


 If  you ask me, every home needs a study ..could be anything from nook to completely lounge with floor to ceiling book walls..(that would be just perfect!) . For that occasional work-from-home days or just for working on your laptop, having a study is the best option.

Any ways , A good functional study needs the following things,

  • good light
  • ergonomically designed table and a chair.
  • electrical points
  • a mood board (for creative people) memo board for others :)
  • as many shelves and drawers possible to keep the clutter away.
I  will leave you with some pictures of how all you can incorporate a study no matter how big or small your home is.

First the modest ones.

This ideally is a great work-space unit. the levels of horizontal shelving can be adjusted and the vertical metal frames are skeletal, holding the whole unit to the wall.

 The next one would make a great 'study nook ' and can put a corner to very good use.

The ones below are my personal preferences... my style. you have to agree nothing as more inspiring than nature , hence i like to stay connected. :)

 I hope this would be of some inspiration whenever you wanna plan you study or may be just tweak it. 

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